translated from Spanish: Wide rejection of the Mineduc’s response to the teaching Request: Teachers ‘ Association announces mobilizations

The teachers ‘ Guild widely rejected the response that The Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) delivered last May 13, referring to the request of 11 points that the College of professors is negotiating for a year and a half. 
Through a national consultation conducted by the College of Professors and in which participated 41,476 teachers, 38,473 (94.92%) Of the participants voted for option 2, which includes a mobilization plan that will be prepared by the National Assembly that will meet on May 24, in which, according to the President of the College of Professors, Mario Aguilar, it is likely that a stoppage will be approved.
In so far, only 2,061 participants (5.08%) He voted in favour of the response delivered by the Mineduc.
It is a result that is not surprising. Since the school of professors had advanced in a statement of 17 May, that the document delivered by the government “did not have any specific solution or less concrete commitments to solve the most urgent problems demanded by the Professors, among them, the ownership of the hours of extension, end to the double evaluation of teachers, recognition of the mentions to the differential and kindergarten educators, solution to the historical debt, among other requirements “.
On the other hand, the President of the Guild, Mario Aguilar, reported that “We have tomorrow National Assembly, and in this House will resolve the steps of mobilization to follow. It is likely that a strike and mobilization will be adopted around demanding the government a real answer. ” 
The leader added that “that will solve the National Assembly tomorrow (…) With this forceful response from the basic Magisterium, I think that clearly the thing is headed that way. ” 

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