translated from Spanish: “Carabineros entered the shooting of Mansalvo”: Denounce the Mapuche municipality was shot during operative

A Mapuche villager was shot in the head last You a police operation in the community Antonio Colbún, in the commune of Victoria, according to denounced the Werkén of Temucuicui, Jorge Huenchullán.
“They entered the community violently by shot at Mansalvo,” said Jorge Huenchullán, according to Radio Cooperativa.
According to the version of Huenchullán, the young man “is in a state of gravity since he was shot in the head. He still has no medical care, nothing, as we have been told from the community. ”
The Werkén added that the villagers “were in a land in recovery, doing agricultural work” when they entered two contingents of special forces.
Huenchullán added that “a score” of Mapuches are with wounds of varying severity.
According to the local portal the news of Malleco, there are also four wounded police, one of them with severe fracture of a leg that entered the Hospital of the commune.
Other versions, delivered by the farmers grouped in APRA (Peace and Reconciliation Association in Araucanía) argue that the police action occurred in the attempt to take the Campo Santa Adela and the burning of a house by the community.

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