translated from Spanish: The general strike began with partial cuts and marches

Groups of protesters carried out this morning several traffic cuts in the bridges Pueyrredón and La Noria in their access routes from the south of the city to Buenos Aires, as part of the general strike convened by the CGT today. On the Pueyrredón bridge, the traffic to the Federal capital was maintained by the access to the Pavón Street, while the Mitre Street was cut off, in the city of Avellaneda, where a large security operation was deployed.
The transit was cut by the bridge La Noria in the direction of Buenos Aires occupied by drivers who protest by the closing of the lines of bus 112, 165 and 243 of the urban suburbs.

Edgardo Fernandez, delegate of the line 165 since the cut of the bridge La Noria in the day of the #ParoNacional, denounces that ago 80 days more than 400 workers of the express Lomas are without work and want a solution already. — classist grouping movement (@MAClasistas)
May 29, 2019

The drivers ‘ protest is accompanied by food industry workers and leftist militants who claim a 24-hour stoppage but repudiate the General Confederation of Labour (CGT). The organizers of pickets announced a schedule of cuts and concentrations that could affect circulation in the following points:. Highway Bs. As.-La Plata (roundabout access to the highway) with mobilization towards the obelisk.
Puente la Noria with mobilization to the obelisk.
Concentration West highway with mobilization towards the obelisk.
General. Peace 5445 (INTI) with mobilization towards the obelisk.
Panamericana and 147 with mobilization towards the obelisk.
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