translated from Spanish: The CGT’s stoppage: postcards of a protest that was felt throughout the country

This Wednesday’s stoppage was «forceful» and «non-political», the leaders of the General Confederation of Labour said in evaluating the scope of the protest.  The truth is that the fifth strike convened by the CGT during the administration of President Mauricio Macri was noticed in the streets, without public transport or attention in the banks and with schools and public agencies closed.

An unusual image of the Constitution: without groups | Photo: NA.

The bike, an option to get around in the city without buses or subway.

Since early there were cuts in the accesses to the city of Buenos Aires where the security forces mounted an operation to avoid picketing. 

One of the cuts with which the protest began this Wednesday | Photo: NA.

The Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, questioned the protest and oversaw the operation at the monitoring and control centre.

Security authorities monitoring protests during unemployment | Photo: NA.

The autonomous CTA of the city of Buenos Aires carried out more than 30 popular pots and an event in the historic headquarters of Avenida Independencia 766 in the neighborhood of San Telmo.

A popular pot mounted by CTA-A together with social organizations.

«Workers across the country stop today to curb the economic policies of the national government and to recover our salaries and our rights. With unemployment and hunger, the country goes towards a catastrophe, «said the secretary General of the CTA-A Capital and referent of ATE Pablo Spataro.

Spataro and other CTA-A leaders during the event in San Telmo.

The mobilizations and the popular pots were replicated in several cities of the interior of the country as part of the activities organized to accompany the general strike and a national day of struggle.

March in Rosario: from Plaza Montenegro to Bolsa de Comercio.

Mobilization in Salta.
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