translated from Spanish: Camping of Telam workers in the face of labor justice for layoffs

In 2018 they threw 357 workers into Telam. After 119 days of strike justice reversed the double-instance layoffs by considering “illegal” the measure of “firing massively without a previous negotiating procedure.” But then, after multiple pressures from the government (political judgement to the judges, removal of judges, appointment of new ones), it managed to implode the judicial dossier to try to avoid new convictions sentences. Mariano Suárez (journalist and lawyer) explains it in his networks: “When the Appeals Chamber confirmed the first sentences, the government unleashed extraordinary pressure on the Labour judges. For every magistrate who pronounced himself in favour of the workers, a political judgment was being made. ” Hernán Lombardi forced a modification of the regulations of all the national justice to the only effect of stripping the judges of Telam of their causes. Even harmed the government in other conflicts prosecuted “denounce Suárez. The conflict 
Telam workers explain in a statement: “The pressure of the government motivated that on Wednesday, against the regulations of the national justice, fragmented in many parts the dossier of the workers of the Agency and disseminated it in multiple courts-that They have no legal competence to resolve-as a way of preventing the repeat of last year’s sentences and ordering reinstallations.

Camping de Telam in front of the National Chamber of Labour Appeals, Lavalle 1554

The Internal Union Commission and the Buenos Aires Press Union announced the start of a camping-from the dawn of Friday at the door of the National Chamber of Labour appeals-until the demand for “independent justice” demanded by the Workers

Telam returns today to the conflict. We’ll tell you in 10 steps.
It opens thread. — Mariano Suárez (@marianosuarez75)
May 31, 2019

They will not leave, until there is justice. 

Original source in Spanish

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