translated from Spanish: Lionel Messi: «I want to finish my career and have won something with the selection»

Lionel Messi took a tour of his career in Barcelona and the selection and analyzed in Fox Sports The new version of Argentina, which is preparing for the Copa America. He also recalled the semifinal with Liverpool, his coaches, his family, the present of Aguero and his future once he finished his life as a professional footballer. Their children
«Thiago is living football now. Go to the court, live the Games. He suffers a lot when we lose. He wants to be next to me because he knows it hurts me to defeat, because it’s beautiful. » I can make a normal life. I take the boys to school, we go to find them and now in the afternoon they do something. I have a very good relationship with the parents of the school. Here’s another thing, or I live there and it’s natural for me to walk around the neighborhood. » Thiago would like me to go to the selection and asked Poruqe was not going. He had to watch the farewell party in Boca court. On the one hand likes to be Messi and on the other, sometimes I get from school and tells me that he wants to be called Thiago solo. » The defeats
«Hurting hurts like the first but it’s true that I was assimilating it in another way. When Thiago was born I understood that the priority is another. Obviously it hurts but I come home and it happens to me. Before we were alone with my family, and I came and I was locked up, I did not eat. Today I have an obligation to change my face and be with my children. » The pain of not winning with the selection
«I want to finish my career and have won with the Argentine team or have stayed with the selection and I was not given to have left Oprortunidad because people did not want to be. Get up and go back to Interntarlo. I think it’s the message for the boys and not only in football, but in the life that’s what it’s all about. » A very difficult start: the Messi family in Barcelona
«We went the whole family. Although I never missed anything, it was not easy to leave everything, to go there. Even my siblings were older, they had their life in Rosario, and it cost them MPAs that Ami. They decided to return PORUQE they had their life. We left a lot of things aside but I was sure I wanted to stay. With 15 to the I was already in the boat B and from there was a step «.» In a moment same pensamo to return. Barcelona gave us everything, but the fact of Sstar out of everything made you work your head all day. » The failed chance to play in River
«I was at Newells and I went to test River for a technician. They brought me here and I played with bigger boys and I play 15 minutes and they told me be back in 10 with your category. Volvií I did like 3 or 4 goals with kids my age. » Newells never paid me the treatment and my old renegade. It was complicated at that time, my old man made a huge effort, and they told me to take the pass, and when I went to get the pass to Newell´s they took me shitting. We fought and the pass never gave it to me, and then came out of Barcelona. » America’s Cup 2019, a rematch
«In the world we were complicated by how the classification had been given and the reality was that we were not candidates. Today we are in a different situation, with a litter of new boys where all are new, or very little ones that carry many games. » We are in a process of replacing awesome players that beyond not consecrated did something impressive. Maybe for a lot it’s no use but it was awesome. » I see a very good group, very united. Guys with a lot of desire, great enthusiasm and the truth is that I see a very good group. » Inside the locker room there is a very good atmosphere. Paul’s is the most cheeky, but there is a espectadular atmosphere. Now they have 10 games together. I am one more and we said it since I arrived. I come to the same thing as them and I want to be able to get important things with the selection, there is nothing unusual. » Play at Newell
«It is something that I remained pending. My little dream was to play in Newell´s that is where I played, where I am a fan, but I do not know what can happen. I don’t know if you’re really going to give or not. There are many things in the middle and it is not just going to Newell´s to fulfill my dream. I wouldn’t want to break my kids ‘ lives. » Devotion by Guardiola
«I never got in. I don’t like to take part in it, or to contradict the technician. There I commented on things with players but not in the assembly. If I like to talk. I had a unique teacher like PEP and in that sense I learned a lot and I think I know a little. » PEP prepares you the game and each game prepares you different to win it. There are very good technicians but he told you the moves, what was going to happen and then passed. When he arrived, he was 18, 19 years old, and he played what seemed to me. When he came he ordered me and everyone. He made us play in a way that was seen all over the world. » Brazil 2014, the World Cup that was not
«We did the party we expected and did in the World Cup. We had several injured that made us change the tactic. We were playing a tactic in 4-4-2 and in the first match Kun was injured. » We could never be the playoff team. We got strong on the defensive block and Prácticmaente didn’t believe us, and with Germany it was the same. They have a head butt and a center that they pull out of nothing. That game would have changed the whole dynamic, but I think we missed a little bit of luck. » After Chile we fell from all sides, they treated us as losers and from there it was one after another. It was a little unbearable. When people hear so much and say so many things it is contagious. People buy what is said on television, they give everyone and no one is saved. » Russia 2018
«Russia was complicated. All that we had to live that month, not only for the results. I think if we had ganadao the first game it would have been different. It would have been different with Croatia. If it wasn’t for that play, the game was different. » I don’t like to talk about what happened or what we live inside the Gruó. I was taught that things are there, but it was a world atypical and I prefer to leave it there. » I was practicing free shooting. We left, kicking free throw, looking for a twist, looking for ways to stop you. With the penalties too, but then you get to the court and it’s different. With the penalty of the World Cup I had kicked all week and had it nailed, and when I walked, did not let the leg. The day of the match was different. It is a responsibility that assumes it but it is key in the outcome we had. Doing that goal will change everything. I assume it and I will assume it again. » Barcelona 2009, the Best in history
«I miss Iniesta, Xavi, and it’s all time. The game we had, we knew we won. Jugaramos against whom Jugaramos, we knew that earned. A technician impress you that later had the jjygadroes just for that idea and philosophy. Pep keeps doing the same thing but never equaled what he did with us in Barcelona. » Sergio Aguero, the Revenge of a crack
«I see Kun plugged in, had an impressive year and every year is surpassed. He’s happy to be back and he was suffering. He kept talking to him and said, «He’s not going to take me.» I told him to be quiet. They won everything in the City and finally ended up coming in and loves to come to Argentina. » Messi vs Christian
«It did us both good. We both wanted to get over it and obviously made the competition stronger and made a more important league. When I said that Madrid was going to miss him. » The defeat with Liverpool
«I didn’t imagine that it could happen what happened to us. We were coming to Rome and we couldn’t let it happen again. We knew it would make it very difficult and the Reusltado in the IDA had been misleading. We in made a very big wear and feel them. We felt that they were physically superior and we went with the fear of not getting the goal fast. We actually left the party, the playoff, we didn’t compete and they took us from the front. We made stupid mistakes and it was a disgrace the party we did. » Messi banked Valverde
«It seems to Me that we did a spectacular year until that game. We won the league, Estbamos in the final of the King’s Cup and in the Liverpool match he had no guilt. You can’t spend what happened to us — Sy Nofue for a system. We didn’t compete any of the ones that went inside the court. It was a 3 to 0 and the technician has nothing to do with it. » I don’t look like a technician. If Lelgo to be I would like with boys, in formation. Professional technician I don’t see myself. » The final with students
«To students we won the fart. We could not get into the whole game and so the Desahgo of the celebration that later was taken for bad, but I had nothing against. After that we laughed at that. » Bella, a teacher
«The time I enjoyed the most was with Alexander. Once we started to win it was a spectacular stage. At that time we did not lose and ended up in a World Cup final. Alexander was a phenomenon as a technician and as a person. » Maradona DT
«With Diego it was special. By the way we got to the World Cup and as it was, we had some brave parties and they started beating. I did not enjoy it so much, but star with Diego that was very good of everything, of the head, of desire, of enthusiasm, of how he prepared them. It was nice on that side, but hard by how they gave the partidos»Qatar 2022, the last bullet
«I don’t know if I reach the World Cup. Still missing, today I am spectacular, very physically and are three years. Many things can happen and I hope I find myself well in the physical and can follow. » I hope to stretch it as much as possible. A little scary I have to what happens after, I have nothing in mind. I love this and as a kid I loved it, I always had a life realcionada to football, I always had a routine and be at home and not know what to do is hard. » In the selection there is a litter of good players, with experience in European football that can become very important and hopefully so. » In this note:

Original source in Spanish

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