translated from Spanish: Luciana Salazar fainted after his choreography: “It was horrible”

Tuesday was a difficult night for Luciana Salazar, who after performing his choreography, accompanied by his dancer, Gonzalo Gerber, suffered a fainting to retire from the runway.

Luciana Salazar fainted after dancing | Photo: Instagram @salazarluli

“It was awful. The day before we went to salsa dancing, I made a movement with the cervical that I got dizzy. She was very dizzy. The next day, I was very cold and a little tired. I think he grabbed a little bit of everything. I clouded my eyes like never before in my life, “he counted on a mobile with” us in the Morning “later.

The model gathered thirteen points for its staging corresponding to the Latin pop rhythm and was nominated for the telephone vote. Luciana did not consider the jury’s decision unjust to nominate her but she does assume that the sentence will be difficult. ” It makes sense. Everyone could finish their choreography. I feel bad about the situation but well, “he remarked. “It’s hard the phone and I’m with Leticia (Brédice) that is very strong, and already took out two important participants. Faith is the last thing that is lost but I see it very difficult, “he said.

Luciana was taken care of by Dr. Vicente Carbonio because of a hypotension table, who clarified that “he recovered quickly and was able to leave to appear in the sentence.”

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