translated from Spanish: Jalisco new generation recruits via Facebook

Guadalajara.- A young man recounted the story as he was recruited to be forced to work for the Jalisco Nueva Generation cartel through a group of job openings on Facebook. Luis, as he calls it, applied for a security guard offer with a weekly salary of four thousand pesos. In early 2017, Luis had a job where he didn’t get paid and was looking for something better on social media. This led him to join the pages Work GLD & Guadalajara Works. Initially he received the offer to work by inbox and was asked to contact the supervisor of the company, a week later he was in a group of whatsapp with 15 other members, all asked to attend the training in the municipality of Tala and they advanced 4 a thousand pesos.

On the first of May, Luis and four other men were transferred in a pick up to a safe house in the municipality of Tala. On the trip they learned that the five had been contacted, the previous day, by the same page and were in the whatsapp group. 
We turned to Tala, got into a breach and reached an abandoned estate, with barbed wire, wooden sticks, there was a man with goat horn who told us to keep in.» Luis said for El PaísLuis commented that in the safe house there were 38 other people and all of them humble-looking, some with sad looks.
 I realized that I had crossed the line of not coming back and that maybe something bad would happen, in fact you could smell strange, you could see the look of sadness and misery in people

The next day he was put up in a camp in an unnamed mountain range, where he was forced to train and work for organized crime. During that time Louis witnessed atrocities, such as the death of some of his companions who were recruited in the same way as he

CJNG recruited people in 2017 through fake job offers on Facebook. Pixabay

Luis fled the poster and decided to break the silence despite the risks involved, in order to identify about 17 people reported missing.» … I contacted the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office and told them that I was also deprived of my freedom in the Sierra de Navajas by the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) and that I could identify 17 missing people that I saw with my own eyes die in the hands of our captors.» Luis’s account coincides with the reports of missing persons filed with the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office between 6 and 13 June, which they released on 27 July of the same year. The Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office conducted an operation in July 2017 in which it found a training camp and trapped 15 people. Of which three were reported missing and managed to prove that they were in that place against their will. The testimonies of these people were incorporated into the research folder 1611/2017.

From the testimonies collected, it was known that this poster recruits people to work in conditions of slavery and forced labour.

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