translated from Spanish: ANSES: Can adhere to Historic Repair until July 21

Since the National Social Security Administration (ANSES) reported that until Sunday, July 21, there is time for retirees and pensioners to subscribe to the Historical Reparation Agreement.This includes people who have not yet acceded to the agreement and those who have already are getting their increase in advance, so they can keep collecting it.
According to the company, it is a proposal to update pension and pension amounts that can be accepted by signing an agreement, to whom does it belong?
Retirees and pensioners who have or have not initiated a deer adjustment trial before 30 May 2016 and are reached by the programme. Requirements
Collect a retirement and/or pension and be included in the program. You can find out by logging into My ANSES/Historical Repair with Social Security Key
Have a sponsoring lawyer. In the case of not having initiated trial, the procedure is free, since ANSES will take care of professional fees.
Have the fingerprint of the holder and the lawyer registered. If the holder is unable to move, was declared incapable of judicial jurisdiction or the footprint is illegible, he may apply for exemption from the imprint. If you live on the outside, it’s not necessary either.
The procedure is initiated online and then, for the subscription of the agreement, the holder or his/her representative must present himself with his/her lawyer at an ANSES office with a shift. They can also do this without shift in an Electronic Self-Consultation Terminal.
Where the holder cannot present himself/ the lawyer must withdraw the printed agreement and send it to him to sign:
-If you are unable to move, where verily you are in the presence of a scribe.
-If you are not in the country, sign the agreement by certifying your signature via Consulate. 
The lawyer must then present it to the ANSES office where you removed him and sign it in front of an agency official.
The amount varies according to the case, you can consult in My ANSES /Historical Repair.To people who:Have trial initiated will be paid 50% of the retroactive and the other 50% in quarterly installments (equal, consecutive and updated by the mobility index) during the mobility index 3 years
They do not have a retroactive judgment initiated from the time of subscription of the agreement, if applicable.

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