translated from Spanish: María Eugenia Vidal to sanction Edelap for the blackout in La Plata

After several days of claims and lack of light in many areas of La Plata, the government of María Eugencia Vidal, through the control body, determined to raise a sanction to the energy company Edelap for the blackouts suffered during the weekend and start of it. Through a statement, the authorities of the Province of Buenos Aires detailed that together with the ministries of Health, Social Development and Security an emergency committee was formed to provide “support, containment and follow-up to the 37 electrodependent persons” .

The provincial government will sanction the energy company Edelap. Photo: Twitter

On the other hand, based on the research of OCEBA, the electricity control body under the Ministry of Infrastructure, Edelap was asked to “compensate users according to the magnitude of what happened”. As for these final numbers, the users and neighbors of La Plata, raised different claims and in one of them was asked for a reparation of 8,000 pesos for each day that has not run the electricity to each of those affected. In the meantime, to avoid major problems, the Ministry of Social Development of the Province delivered more than 20 thousand liters of drinking water to the municipality of La Plata, and carries out a monitoring of the situation.

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