translated from Spanish: Mauricio Macri traveled to Japan to participate in the G20 summit

President Macri departed for Japan to participate next Friday and Saturday for the G20 Leaders Summit, an annual event that brings together the heads of state and government of major industrialized and emerging countries. Let us remember that the Group of 20 is an international forum for economic, financial and political cooperation between its countries. According to its official website, it seeks to “dialogue and build consensus to drive public policies that solve the challenges facing humanity.” Prior to this event, Macri’s first stop, accompanied by first lady Juliana Awada, will be in Jakarta, Indonesia, a major trading partner, where today he will meet with the country’s president, Joko Widodo.

Subsequently, President Widodo and his wife will offer a state lunch in honor of President Macri, the First Lady and the Argentine entourage. In the evening, the Argentine Head of State will make a trip to the Japanese city of Osaka, home to the upcoming G20 Leaders Summit. Argentina, having hosted the G20 2018, is part of the group’s troika, made up of the country that holds the chair of the forum, the predecessor and the one that will preside over it the following year. Macri and Awada will arrive on Thursday at approximately 8.30 (20.30 on Wednesday in Argentina). On Friday at 11.15, at the Intex Osaka International Convention Center, Abe will welcome the Heads of State and Government participating in the G20 Leaders’ Summit, after which the official photograph will be taken.

Between 12 and 14 will take place the first plenary session and working lunch, where representatives will address the issues of global economics (finance, taxes and anti-corruption) and trade and investment, a segment that will have an exhibition by the president Macri.Al as at the summit in our country on 30 November and 1 December, the national entourage is expected to hold a series of bilateral meetings in these days. In this note:

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