translated from Spanish: «It’s real,» the message a woman wrote upon her return from the dead

If I had a choice between knowing what’s after death and not knowing it, I think I’d prefer the second option. I’m afraid of the unknown, but it’s inevitable to stick to anecdotes that go beyond reason like this, and like the one we’re going to tell you next.
So is the story of Tina Hines, a woman from Arizona, who suffered a cardiac arrest for 27 minutes, and who, while he was ‘dead’ he was able to see the sky.
According to the account that Tina and Brian made for daily, it all started when they went for a walk in the park and suddenly fainted.
Brian was able to revive her by performing CPR, but her heart stopped once more. After the paramedics arrived and in total, his heart stopped five times.
After a couple of hours in the hospital, Tina opened her eyes and with her hand gestured for a paper and a pen to be reached. He hardly wrote a strange message that said «it’s real.»
When her relatives approached her to ask her what she was trying to say, she looked up as pointing to the sky. At that time Tina could not speak or move easily, however, when she regained consciousness she recounted the experience she had in ‘dying’.
It was very real, the colors were very vibrant», told the local media, as well as ensuring that he saw the silhouette of a man who looked like Jesus, standing in front of black doors that were bursting a bright yellow light.
Madie Johnson, one of Tina’s nieces, shared on her Instagram account the tattoo that was motivated by her aunt’s story. «His story is too real not to share and has given me greater confidence in a faith that is often not seen. It has given me a tangibility to an eternal hope that is not far away.»
Source: Daily

Original source in Spanish

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