translated from Spanish: 450 elements of the National Guard arrive in Iztapalapa

The National Guard began operations in the Desarrollo Urbano Quetzalcóatl colony, one of the most dangerous in Mexico City, where 450 elements will be deployed to patrol the area and launch operational operations.
The head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, accompanied by the coordinator of her security cabinet, Tomás Pliego; the mayor of Iztapalapa, Clara Brugada, and the secretary of government, Rosa Icela Rodríguez, arrived at Villa Franqueza street, where she was received by infantry colonel David Ramírez Piñón.
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At the site, at the height of Pozos Street, two convoys were waiting for them with a dozen items dressed in green suits and helmets that characterize the military, who from a pick-up van escorted the route of local officials.
Sheinbaum Pardo and his team boarded the back of an open pick-up van and toured the place, where robbery, homicides and other crimes are a constant.

We took a tour along with @ClaraBrugadaM and @SSP_CDMX to check the entrance of the National Guard in the Colony Urban Development Quetzalcoatl. As I said: there are 5 axes of our security strategy to achieve a #CiudadSegura
— Claudia Sheinbaum (@Claudiashein) July 4, 2019

On two occasions the head of government descended from the vehicle and walked to greet neighbours, while Brugada explained the situation of the place.
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At the Quetzalpilli Cultural Forum, in front of dozens of neighbors, the head of government gave a brief speech and explained that this colony will be the first point of the Mexican capital where the National Guard will begin its security work, in coordination with the local police.

In total, there will be 450 elements of the #GuardiaNacional that will be joining the security and crime-fighting efforts in #Iztapalapa, reinforcing the five-point strategy that the head of government @Claudiashein recently announced.
— Clara Brugada Molina (@ClaraBrugadaM) July 4, 2019

«We’re going to be a safer city,» said capital inspite the neighbors for time, because «this is not done overnight.»
In addition, he detailed his strategy of strengthening security in the city presented a few days ago, which includes attacking the causes of crime, plus police presence, intelligence and justice, coordination and law change.
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He assured that for the inhabitants of the city, and in particular Iztapalapa, there would be better living conditions, education, culture and sport, as well as training for employment, as well as more and better police officers who will coordinate with the National Guard.

I accompany the head of government @Claudiashein to a monitoring journey at the start of #GuardiaNacional operations in #Iztapalapa. We will be working in coordination with the @GobCDMX and @GobiernoMX in the fight against insecurity. Welcome National Guard!
— Clara Brugada Molina (@ClaraBrugadaM) July 4, 2019

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