translated from Spanish: They confirmed Amado Boudou’s conviction in the Ciccone case

The Federal Chamber of Criminal Case on Wednesday night confirmed the five-year, ten-month sentence handed down to Amado Boudou in the Ciccone case. Judges Gustavo Hornos, Mariano Borinsky and Javier Carbajo upheld the first-instance ruling by the Federal Oral Court No. 4 in mid-2018 against the former Economy Minister. 

Along with Boudou’s, the sentences of José María Núñez Carmona and Alejandro Vanderbroele were ratified as necessary participants, Nicolas Ciccone for active trust and Rafael Resnick Brenner and César Guido Forcieri for negotiations incompatible with the function Public. 

My congratulations and appreciation to the anti-corruption office’s team of lawyers who have complained in the Ciccone case. Today the Chamber of Criminal Case has confirmed the sentences — Laura Alonso (@lauritalonso)
July 17, 2019

The former vice president was tried for illegally staying with the company Ciccone S.A. after a mysterious salvage. From the Financial Information Unit and the Anti-Corruption Office run by Laura Alonso, the government pushed the case. You can read the full bug of more than 700 pages here.

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