translated from Spanish: Announce your arrival for the next 22

A little star on the forehead for the beautiful ladies Chayito Manzanares de Soto and Lolita de Lugo for the beautiful party that on the afternoon of Tuesday 16 offered to the young Mrs. Ana Paola Lugo de Soto who has been placed by the stork to visit her next Monday 22 … The alloys of the bird of sweet surprises are insistent, thus announcing the almost immediate delivery of the weeping straw in which Ana Sofia will arrive in this world, which is awaited by husbands Carlos and Ana Paola and their firstborn Ana Victoria with real enthusiasm for the It will fill with tenderness, love, faith and hope. With the same enthusiasm awaits the grandmothers Lolita and Chayito, whom God is filling with blessings. So convinced that their year is 2019… And it was Tuesday afternoon when the friends of the consuegras were summoned to a baby shower they offered at the Manzara… The friends, quoted for 16:00 hours, arrived punctually meeting the pleasant place converted into a spring stamp with abundance of flowers… At the tables, buckets with flowering plants… But don’t think they’re any bucket, they’re painted by designer Martha Stewart, with the added value of plants and beautiful butterflies… In a short time, the Manzara registered 90 guests who enjoyed refreshing drinks, coffee, pinini, Russian salad and desserts!… Present
Mrs. Chayito de Soto has ample calling power. It also belongs to various social and service groups such as Monday, Tuesday, the Volunteering of the General Hospital in addition to its prayer group… They all responded in the affirmative to their invitation, bearing the classic cash gift that Mrs. de Soto thanked very much… Among the guests were Elsa Amarillas de Cuadras, Ninfa de Lugo, Coty de Salazar, Rosy de Salazar, Conchita de Vargas, Emma Luque, Lidia Wong, Fina de González, Titi and Yaya López, Rubí de Andrade, Teresita de Preciado and her daughter Edith and Laura Dewet… The party ended at 8 p.m. and everyone retired very grateful for the invitation and for the magical moments enjoyed… All agreed that Ana Paola the party looks spectacular very even though she is only 4 days away from giving birth to her second heiress… Her state of grace increases her beauty and the hope of soon becoming a mother, makes happiness illuminate her face…  By the way we will advance the congratulations for Carlos Soto Manzanares not only because on the 22nd he will receive his second title as a dad, but because the Saturday to come turns 36… Reflection: Miracles have no explanation, but they happen for those who believe in them…       For today, that’s it. Don’t forget that tomorrow we’ll meet again here in another SUMMARY.

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