translated from Spanish: Tough fight in the Diamond

The rolling stones meet, he says well-known saying. And it has its logic in this world rounder than the 10 peso coin. If that happens in public life, so does in sport. With the arrival of reinforcements to the Diamond-Platinum League teams in football in The Rosca City the situation becomes even. And that’s because the club of the circuit is making elements of the basketball guasavense, where their tournament is currently stopped. And there you have that the fight closes between the four contenders. The previous Saturday Santaneros doubled 2-0 to The Bumblebees of The Shining, while with the same scoreboard he did Koch Laboratory on the Veterans Club.Figures in the matches were Wilfredo Angulo and Sergio Padilla, for the verdinegro painting. Abel Contreras and Jorge Luis Urías wet for the “laboratoristas”. With this, the Veterans Club, which marches as a leader, is threatened to continue at the top. But it said of the “stones”, and it is that many players that we now see in Annex 1, had previously played at home. Colophon. And about scoops, ronxus, variliyis, -translation- “Experience comes only if you experience it”. That’s it! “Wil” Angulo, who suffered the loss of his older brother, Jorge Luis, marked that much in his honor, he said. Then, in a move by strategist César Cázarez, he left to make way for Sergio Padilla, who took a penalty masterfully. But not everything stops there, there are news in every club.

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