translated from Spanish: A puppy clings to its deceased owner’s box

There is nothing more unconditional than the love of dogs to their masters. This is demonstrated by the heartbreaking video of a can, which in its owner’s wake clings to the coffin with all its might, trying to avoid the definitive separation of its human.
The sad moment, which has been vitalized on social media, happened in an unidentified location in Peru, according to several versions. Relatives of the West allowed his faithful friend to say goodbye to him, so they took him in his arms until he was allowed to see the inside of the coffin.
The dog is then recharged on the coffin and when the mournings prepare to remove it, the hairy one clings with his hooves to the mortuary box, trying to avoid the final farewell.
At one point in the video you can see something falling from the face of the animal, who is still on the coffin.
“There, a tear came out,” “poor little man,” some of the people gathered in the wake commented.
The sad scene shocks family and friends, who turn to see and touch their faces indisdulous. “You don’t want to get off,” someone else laments as the dog is still clinging to the coffin.
On social media, cybernauts considered this to be a strong proof of the unconditional fidelity of dogs to their masters and made vows for people to become aware and avoid mistreating animals.
“They don’t lie to you or change you for anything, they’re stalwarts and they never stop taking care of you. They give their life for one. I have my puppy who is like my dog grandson (…). They, without thinking twice, give life for you and have more feelings than a human, are the best company that can have one, take care and love their animals in general, because they are also beings that they feel and love,” noted XochitlBaez.
Source: SDP

? #PatitasYOrejitas
? Dog tearfully fires his master in the coffin.
In the video you can see the dog being on two legs on top of the coffin, people who were at the funeral indicated that the can came up with a tear. ? #ClaroYDirectoMx
— ClaroyDirectomx (@claroydirectomx) July 18, 2019

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