translated from Spanish: Carlos Paz: allegation that his daughter was drugged in a bowling alley

This Tuesday, July 23, a case that occurred in Villa Carlos Paz, in Córdoba transcended the national media after a mother reported that her daughter was drugged in a bowling alley last weekend. Rosana Frías told El Diario de Carlos Paz that L, his 17-year-old daughter, had left for Khalama Disco for Friend’s Day and on Sunday morning he received a call from the local authorities: they asked him to go and find the teenager “because he had c I was crying.” I ran out to the bowling alley, a security guard came and took me to the infirmary where I found my daughter with a crisis. It was then that he told me that he was under the effects of ecstasy,” he told the aforementioned medium.

The troops asked her “to hold her back, to try to calm her down and keep her hydrated.” While waiting for the arrival of the ambulance, the young woman “didn’t know where she was, staggered and had like fainting” but the most striking thing happened when the vehicle finally arrived: a boy approached claiming that he was ‘the cousin’ of the victim. “An older man came up and said he was his cousin. The same security guard told him to ‘get out of here’. That person was dressed in a particular way and my daughter’s friends told me that I had the same particularities in the clothes,” she added in dialogue with The Voice of the Interior.

Khalama, the bowling alley where the episode occurred.

‘L’ just regained consciousness at 11:30 in the morning and said she didn’t remember “anything from the moment someone invited her to dance and took her to the track.” After this episode is when I start having this incoherent and inappropriate behavior that is not common on my daughter. Friends see her starting to fall, touch herself, and do inappropriate things,” Rosana said.Until the time since bowling has not issued a statement, but Rosana wants Justice: “Let anyone who has to fall.”

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