translated from Spanish: Pichetto’s intuition: «there will be no slob» in October

Miguel Pichetto said today that he has the «intuition» that the presidential election will be defined in the first round and reaffirmed that in the electoral process will be chosen between two antagonistic models of country that will define «the future of Argentina for the next 30 years».
«The first round in October that I think will be the final, I think there will be no ballast, it’s an intuition, it’s not based on any poll,» said the Peronist senator in a meeting with women entrepreneurs at the Savoy Hotel.

The pre-candidate for The Vice-President of Together for Change considered that two antagonistic models are «faced» in the electoral process and warned that «dangerous demagogic messages must be watched» in renewing their criticism of front of All Alberto Fernández and Axel Kicillof for their sayings about an eventual cepo and the non-payment of interest of the Leliqs.
«I think the further away you are from power, the more nonsense is said,» the senator said, praising former deputy Raul Baglini.

According to Pichetto, in the next election they face «a center-left coalition, generously, of Latin American populist left, and another center coalition that also brings together sectors of the right.» He further considered that Argentines should resolve in this comic if the country «will go back with policies that no longer apply in the world», and warned that the future of Argentina should be analyzed in the international context. On a panel moderated by journalist Liliana Franco and polylogotologotogue Luis Tonelli, the senator answered questions about possible labor reform, possible changes to the pension system and the need to resolve «the tax burden» to which he described as «complex in the control of public spending.» When we talk about tax burden, we have to talk about spending. 65 per cent of the budget is social and planned security spending, and we did this among all, the previous government and it has also continued in this time without any reformulation, with consolidated spending increasing,» he said. On the planned system, he questioned what he defined as «this joyful world of timeless moratoriums, which impacts the system,» reiterated that «there can be no retirement without contribution» and assessed that Argentina must move towards «more dynamic labor systems.» In this note:

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