translated from Spanish: Woman find a huge spider on the roof of her house

Photography/ Facebook
Australia.- A terrified woman finds a huge pan-sized hunting spider stalking her living room. And the terrified woman has told how she came home to find the huge arachnid. The girl wrote on her Facebook account «Is there anyone who can remove this from my house? I don’t have such a big container!»
The woman added, «When I approached with the light on the phone, she saw me raising my fangs and legs. Damn it, nahhhh!»
This woman’s friends wrote dozens of answers, some very creative to get rid of the animal: «It’s probably easier to burn your house down right now,» another wrote «kill it with fire.» A third said: «Just burn the house down and run.»
Later, Laree updated its publication saying that the spider was safely removed and released.

What are Huntsman spiders and how big do they get?
Huntsman spiders are famous for their enormous size, with adult males reaching a leg length of up to 12 inches. They are sometimes called giant crab spiders or wooden spiders because they like to live in wooded areas such as forests, sheds and piles of wood. The hunters are members of the family Sprassidae, of which there are more than 1,000 species. They live in warm tropical climates around the world in places such as Australasia, Asia, Africa, America and the Mediterranean Basin. They are particularly common in Australia and are known to appear within people’s homes. Adult hunting spiders don’t build nets but look for food. Their diet consists mainly of insects, but they are also known to eat small reptiles. Hunters use poison to stun their prey, but they are not harmful to humans. However, you may know that they inflict a defensive bite if provoked.
Mothers are known to bite while defending their eggs. On average, the leg length of a hunting spider can reach 15 cm, while its bodies measure about 2 cm. Some spiders can grow up to a leg up to 30 cm.
Huntsman spiders are famous for their enormous size, with males capable of reaching a leg span of between 10 and 12 inches.
Source: The Sun

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