translated from Spanish: Cambridge student commits suicide by launching himself from plane

World.- Alana Cutland, a student at the University of Cambridge, «suicide». He opened the plane door on a flight in Madagascar and threw himself into the void.
The 19-year-old committed suicide in July during a school trip through school practices from her sophomore year in Biological Natural Sciences. According to local media information, Alana fought her teammates who did the impossible to keep her from jumping. However, despite the efforts it was thrown at a thousand 524 meters high from the aircraft.
For their part, Alana’s family expressed their feelings in the face of this tragedy to the media. «We are heartbroken. She was a beautiful person, inside and out,» they said. «Our daughter Alana was an intelligent and independent young woman, hungry to discover the world,» the young woman’s family added.
The University of Cambridge offered its «condolences» and talked about Alana’s performance. «We are shocked by the news of Alana’s death. In his two years at the institution, he contributed enormously to different aspects of university life. She’s going to be very missed by everyone,» the university said. According to British media, The Sun, African authorities said Alana opened the plane door just ten minutes from takeoff.
Source: The Guardian

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