translated from Spanish: The millionaire pass of Ninja, the world’s most popular gamer

The gaming world passbook was opened and Mixer, Microsoft’s streaming platform, has just secured one of the most important figures in the medium. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, the celebrity-turned-streamer today announced that he will be leaving Twitch, the platform that saw him born and become the phenomenon he is today, to broadcast exclusively through Mixer. The news came through a light-years video produced from the traditional style of streamers. Ninja did not make the announcement in one of his broadcasts, but in a fake press conference in which he answered questions from attendees, including a red Bull-filled fridge, his favorite energizing drink (or the one that pays him the most to appear in the background of his videos) . Microsoft wanted to start this marriage in a big way.

“I know that for many this will be a surprise, but as of today, I will make my broadcasts exclusively through Mixer,” said the player to date had accumulated more than fifteen million followers. “I feel like it’s an opportunity to get back in touch with my roots and remember why I fell in love with the broadcasts in the first place.” The jump has nothing to do with Blevins’ love for the purity of the product, of course. Of the three most important streaming platforms (Twitch, YouTube and Mixer), Microsoft’s project is the least popular on the market, with only three percent of total streaming hours viewed against Twtich’s 72 percent. But according to several reports, over the past few months Microsoft has been tempting personalities like Ninja to take them to their platform with contracts that would exceed $1 million in certain cases. That information appears to be confirmed by a video the young man posted on his Twitter account, in which he admits he kept the news a secret for a while. The timing of the ad is also perfect: Ninja comes from participating as a guest at the Fortnite World Cup and prepares for a promoted live broadcast from the Lollapalooza, which will be the first since his new channel in Mixer. And to make the streamer fan offer irresistible, Microsoft is offering the first month of subscription at no charge. At the time of writing the channel has exceeded one hundred thousand followers and the chat keeps moving. It’s a tough hit for Twitch people because Blevins is one of the most recognized figures in the environment. While it has long since ceased to be the most popular player on the platform (it is the one with the most followers but not the one that accumulates the most hours seen), its name remains synonymous with streaming and Fortnite. Yet the representatives played her calm and wished Ninja luck on his new journey.” We loved watching Ninja on Twitch over the years and we are very proud of everything he has achieved for him and his family and the gamer community. We wish him all the luck in his future projects,” the statement says, is the video game industry facing a new trend? Will companies start competing for figures for their platforms, or will it just be Microsoft that has a lot of money to burn? A new era begins for Mixer and Ninja. We’ll see how they do.
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