translated from Spanish: Yamileth asks for help for surgery and walking

The Mochis, Sinaloa.- Yamileth was diagnosed with hip wear at age 4, a congenital condition that causes pain, stiffness and walking problems. The disease limits your steps and your daily life but you can have surgery. Surgical intervention involves replacing damaged joints with hip prostheses, surgery your family can’t afford.
His mother, Lisbeth María Gonzáles López, sells flour tortillas, while his father makes a living watering fields. Help us Click on the Google News star and follow us”When she was in kindergarten she complained a lot about the piernites, took her to Los Mochis General Hospital, studied and that’s when we got the diagnosis. The doctor told me that She should have emergency surgery because she was about to become invalid, operated it on December 2. He walked a year in a wheelchair, then on crutches and then gave him therapies in the hyperbaric chamber and according to that he was going to have, but he didn’t,” his mother said.

Transfer. Fernanda Yamileth asks for help to go to Shriners Medical Center for children in Pasadena, California, USA, and be served by a multidisciplinary team. Photo: THE DEBATE 

A nightmare
In 2016, Yamileth was discharged from Los Mochis General Hospital, and in May 2019 her mother took her to Social Security Los Mochis for a serious relapse. When they were answered, a news story took them breathaway.” One day they brought her from school and they told me she couldn’t walk because her legs hurt, I took her date and the specialist looked at her and told me to look for her on the other hand, that in Social Security there was nothing else to do , just amputate her legs, I said no, she was very small the girl and sent her to rehabilitation therapies, since then I take her to CRRI.” Reluctant to amputate her daughter’s legs and with the help of a community friend, Lisbeth found hope for Yamileth at the Shriners Board of Trustees in the State of Sinaloa I.A.P.” A girl at the ejido who works at Shriners told me that there was a solution to put on hip prostheses, that there was no need to cut off his legs. She gave me a pass for Hermosillo, was answered by a doctor and told me she was going to have the prosthetics put on her.”

Will. With the illusion of gathering the necessary recourse to move their daughter to the neighboring northern country, Lisbeth and her family request voluntary cooperation at the entrance to El Maviri beach. Photo: THE DEBATE

Yamileth can be served at no cost at Shriners Medical Center for children in Pasadena, California, United States, through the Shriners Board of Trustees of the State of Sinaloa I.A.P., but her family does not have the financial solvency to move her to the neighboring northern country. But his mother does not faint; on weekends he requests voluntary cooperation at the entrance to El Maviri beach to gather the amount they require.” We are asking for help to raise the money, the pure passage comes out at 9 thousand pesos there, plus the meals and my lodging. It’s too heavy, but as a mother I have to put up with it, we need to raise the money so they can operate on my daughter. With God’s favor I’m going to take her to recover, so she can walk and run.” Yamileth spends most of her sitting days wholeheartedly on the days of her childhood, those where she could walk, run and jump to exhaustion, and one of her dreams is to play football again.” I really like football but I can’t play, I just stare at the others, when cousins are playing baseball I sit around because I can’t, when I’m at school I watch everyone run and I’m sitting because I can’t. I feel a lot of courage because I can’t do a lot of things, I can’t run, I can’t play football, I can’t jump, I can’t stand much standing.” One of his saddest memories was the moment when he was informed that the solution to his condition was to amputate his legs.” I felt bad, I felt a lot of sadness, all I did when They told me that was crying, I didn’t want my legs amputated. And when they told me there was another way to heal me, I felt joy. There’s hope, and I want to take advantage of it. Please help me, I want to remake my life, I want to walk, I want to play football, I want to get ahead.” Help
Fernanda Yamileth lives with her parents and three siblings in her home located on Esther Zuno Street in Echeverría, post 172, in the ejido First of Mayo.Si you want to help this family can reach the number: 66 81 67 28 30 with Lisbeth María Gonzáles López. And make your financial contribution to the Saldazo account number: 4766 8412 7467 3295.

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