translated from Spanish: They cut for a month the remodeled Av. San Francisco of Assisi

The structure located on the border between the capital city and Godoy Cruz will have a greater vehicular capacity. A new pedestrian bridge is also built on site to provide added safety. For this reason, a transit diversion has been established that will last for one month. The remodeling of Avenida San Francisco de Assisi, one of the busiest within The General Park San Martín, now has a new chapter from the expansion work of the bridge located on Las Tipas Avenue, where the meeting with avenue occurs Boulogne Sur Mer. It was inaugurated in the harvest season (March) without being finished. The work had an investment by the Government of Mendoza exceeds 71 million pesos – according to official numbers – and had three roundabouts, of which they made only two. It has a daily average of 15,000 vehicles that transit it. From this week and for the span of one month, the sector will remain involved in developing the installation of beams and defining the work that will give the bridge twice the vehicular capacity that it originally maintained. At the same time, two large cranes already began with the installation of the beams that will make up the new walkway bridge designed exclusively for pedestrians, which will be located separately and to the west of the structure that will contain the Vehicles. In this note:
San Francisco de Assisi Avenue

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