translated from Spanish: 10 homes of the Mendoza Construye plan were delivered

On Wednesday, the 10 homes belonging to the Beltran district, located in the Fray Luis Beltrán district of Maipú, were delivered. The event was attended by the Undersecretary of Institutional Relations of the Ministry of Security, Néstor Majul, the holder of the IPV, Damián Salamone, and officials from the Housing area of the Municipality of Maipú.Majul, representing the Governor Cornejo, addressed the neighbors highlighting “the effort that was made from the Government to regularize the state of the works and that was possible thanks to having an orderly state. In three years of management, more than 950 homes were delivered in Maipú, which together with those that are running and to be started, reach 1,300,” the official said.” I am very proud to be here delivering these houses that were built with purely provincial funding,” the undersecretary continued, “which speaks of a greater state presence in housing policy,” he concluded. The Beltran neighborhood began in October 2018 and was funded entirely provincially, through the Plan Mendoza Construye-Línea 1. It provides for the urbanization and infrastructure works to be carried out by the Municipality and is intended for families with incomes below the two minimum wages. The works were carried out by the company Jaben SA and the investment exceeded $10.7 million, with a construction period that was respected, being able to deliver the homes in a little more than nine months. These delivered houses stand out for their quality and finishes. They have two bedrooms, a bathroom, living room and kitchen sectored, with 62 square meters covered. The houses were built under the Alas prototype, following the traditional model, with reinforced concrete structure and brick masonry, with internal durlock divisions. Each house is finished with floors and ceramic tiles throughout the unit. With aluminum carpentry on the windows, exterior sheet metal doors and wooden plates inside. The finishes on the walls have been made in plaster and are delivered painted in full. In this note:
Mendoza builds
friar luis beltran

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