translated from Spanish: China Suarez replied to Marcela Tauro: «I’m not checking phones»

The eyes are on the China Suarez and Benjamin Vicuña. It was over the weekend that rumours arose between the couple, even of a separation.

These statements were debunked by Angel de Brito, who claimed that they both shared the birthday of the actress’ eldest daughter, Rufina. However, speculation did not placate there. Marcela Tauro argued in «Intruders» that Vicuña would have sent a message to her former partner and mother of her children, Pampita, saying that she «missed family life». According to the journalist’s version, China Suarez would have uncovered the discussion, which triggered a discussion between the two.

Tired of comments, the actress decided to respond through her Instagram stories. «I want to tell you how I feel because a lot of people are asking me how I am. I wasn’t going to answer because it was an isolated version of a journalist who’s pretty much messed with the female genre, particularly with me, a long time ago, but as it got big, I didn’t feel like shutting up,» she started. The actress and protagonist of «Argentina: Land of Love and Revenge» argued that many of her followers asked her to speak, so she decided not to hide and give her version of events.» Before, maybe when I was younger I used to hide or not say anything because I didn’t know how to handle myself and the truth is that I grew up now, I feel more myself than ever and I say, ‘why not talk if it’s my personality,'» he consed.

China denied that they live in a house that they rent to actor Fabian Gianola and that the neighbors have heard screaming over an argument.» First, I have the coolest neighbors in the world. Second, we haven’t lived in that house for two years, so that i can update the information. Maybe they heard screaming but they were the new owners,» the actress said.

China Suarez after Marcela Taurus’ statements Photo: Instagram @sangrejaponesa

It was then that he decided to speak personally to Taurus: «You have a machismo so ingrained, so tucked in, that in all your versions regarding relationships the woman is the madwoman, the one who controls the man and has him gripped by the bones. I’m not like that and I don’t have to explain it to you and anyone.»» I don’t know what anyone else does in his life. I’m a very confident woman. I’m in a very good moment, where I feel really good,» he added. At the end he decided to send a personal message to the reporter. «Marce if I send you a message and I call you on the phone, you don’t say ‘I don’t have a battery’ and then he doesn’t answer. I usually handle myself like this. I have spoken to many journalists over the years and have always answered my phone and cleared the things I had to clear up,» he said.

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