translated from Spanish: The wink with which Fernán Miras paid homage to “Tango Feroz” in “ATAV”

In 1993, Fernán Miras starred in one of the remembered films of Argentine cinema “Tango Feroz: the Legend of Tanguito”, a biopic that develops the life of singer-songwriter José Alberto Iglesias Correa.
Cinema usually gives us some famous gems and phrases and one of them is the one that the actor says towards the end of the film where he takes a deep reflection and sends a message for the future. “I want to say something to myself when I’m old. Film me but you have to spend it in ten years,” he says just as his girlfriend, Mariana (played by Cecilia Dopazo), interrupts him: “You’re not going to be old in ten years.”
“Sure, good in twenty, ” retakes Tanguito. “I generally like old people, the ones who have memory. And if you are the ones who forget, I remind you of some things that I am now clear: everything is not bought, everything is not sold. I know an endless list of things that are more important than security. I’m capable of dreaming. I like red candy. And I’m crazy about Mariana,” she concludes.

Fernán Miras is Trauman in ATAV Photo: Instagram @mirasfernan

Twenty-six years later, Miras plays the villain of Pol-ka’s soap opera “Argentina: Land of Love and Revenge”, Trauman and in the spot that announces the end of the first part, honors Tanguito but in a particular way, that is contradicting his character.
“Everything can be bought, everything has a price in life,” he says, he says, the owner of the brothel where he locked up several young women, including the Polish, played by the China Suárez.In this note:

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