translated from Spanish: Reinaldo Rueda and the captaincy of «la Roja»: «I set that up»

On Friday, the coach of the Chilean national football team, Reinaldo Rueda, traveled to the United States for the friendly «La Roja» who will play in that country against Argentina and Honduras, from next week. Before boarding, he spoke to the press about the citation of Claudio Bravo, stating that «the idea is that he returns and I think just as he had difficult months in rehab, by the time Copa América considered that it was not appropriate to consider it and take it as second or third goalkeeper, now I think he’s been acting and he was in the cup final in England,» DT said. As for whether he’ll be the captain again, Rueda argued that «it’s an issue we’re going to consider and it will always be the best for the team. I set that up.» The Colombian technician also had words for the casualties of Arturo Vidal, Gary Medel, Erick Pulgar and Guillermo Maripán, dedramatizing the situation. «What we sacrifice now, if we are positive, optimistic, we can enjoy next year. What they don’t do now (in their clubs) we’re going to pay for in the playoffs and the America’s Cup,» Rueda said. Finally, he commented on the last-minute addition of Alexis Sanchez, explaining that «Alexis had pending his transfer, his signature, and then went to talk to the coach for his desire to be on the call- Machester United, but now they fortunately accepted her and she’s going to be with us,» Rueda said, adding that «he’s only going to be in one game, he doesn’t want to give the upper hand at his new club,» he said. The first friendly will be against Argentina, on Thursday, September 5, at the Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, California.

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