translated from Spanish: Unjustified travel: Comptroller objects foreign exits of mayors and councillors from 8 municipalities

The Comptroller General of the Republic revealed that it objected to a series of trips by mayors, councillors and municipal officials because they are not justified and total $105,002,399.
During this year and the past, the governing body questioned travel, ticket purchases, reimbursements and expenses to be performed from various municipalities, as detailed on its website.
Among the most emblematic cases, they questioned that the Municipality of Hijuelas, in the Valparaíso region, spent $22,296,510 in 2017 on registrations, travels and passages for the participation of councillors and officials of an internship held in Quito, Ecuador, without a relationship between the subjects addressed and the roles of its participants.
Also in the same region, in the Municipality of Santo Domingo three councillors participated in tourism internships in Costa Rica and Peru that failed to prove what its relationship is with the municipal work and in which $17,874,388 was disbursed.
Another case, as detailed on their site, involves the Municipality of Cauquenes, in the Maule region. There they accounted for administrative acts in which international training was approved in Mexico and Brazil in 2016 in which the need for them to participate and how they were chosen was not based. $22,249,517 was objected.
A little further south, they objected to the Municipality of Cunco, of the Region of La Araucanía, the sum of $19,044,264 for a technical tour in 2018 to the city of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, in which the realization of the planned activities through certificates or other documents.
Regarding the Municipality of Concepción, a trip was discussed to commemorate the 206th year of the «libertarian gesta of the Department of Santa Cruz de la Sierra» in Bolivia, in which $7,637,720 was spent.
In the Metropolitan region, the $15,900,000 trip he made for training authorities from the municipality of Quilicura to Varadero and Havana, in Cuba, was questioned, without a warning that such activity related to the functions of those who were appointed, belonging to the administrative and auxiliary plant of the municipality, and not to the areas of health or education.
They would not be the only cases under investigation, as the trip of the mayor and a councilor of the Municipality of Maule for a training to Cuba are being questioned; and the three-day travel payment of the authorities of St. Peter of Peace who traveled on duty to the Republic of China.

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