translated from Spanish: At least 40 killed ushers left U.S. attack on Al Qaeda in northern Syria

At least 40 jihadist militiamen have been killed in a US Army attack on Al Qaeda targets in northwestern Syria’s Idlib province, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights’ balance. Washington has confirmed the attack. U.S. Central Command has explained that the operation was against Al Qaeda leaders responsible for “attacks on U.S. citizens, partners, and innocent civilians.” Moreover, the elimination of these facilities further reduces their ability to perpetrate attacks and destabilize the region in the future,” the U.S. Army added. Prior to The American Confirmation, the Observatory – an organization based in London but with a network of informants on Syrian territory – had reported the deaths of 40 jihadists in a missile attack on a meeting of leaders of a group affiliated with Al Qaeda in Idlib. Specifically the attack was between the towns of Kafarya and Maarrat Misrin and the target was the Huras al Din organization and other allied jihadist groups. A ceasefire for Idlib announced by Russia – an ally of the Syrian government – came into force this Saturday and the parties tacitly respected the armistice. Idlib is the last stronghold of rebel militias rebelled against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. It is mostly controlled by jihadist militias and groups related to Turkey.

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