translated from Spanish: AFA published the dates of the Argentine Super Cup and the final of the Argentine Cup

AFA continues with advance scheduling with the illusion that none of the clubs participating in some of the tournaments ask for a change of day, schedule or host when it comes to playing. This time, it was the turn to define two of the matches that will reveal new champions for Argentine football. On the one hand, and while the crossings are defined for the eighth round, the authorities reported that the scheduled date for the final of the Copa Argentina will be Wednesday, November 27, 2019, in a stadium that is not yet confirmed. On the other side, the Argentine Super Cup appears. The new defining match that crosses the Superliga champion with that of the domestic cup and that already has defined one of its protagonists: the current champion of the local tournament, Racing Club.
For this new meeting, we will have to wait for a couple of weeks after the end-of-year festivities and a week after the 2019/20 Super Liga resumes. The day chosen for the Super Cup match was Friday, January 17, and it will give you a talk, especially with the question of the pre-season in between. AFA only has as good defense the fact that the 2020 will be a year with tight calendar, taking into account that in addition to the start of the qualifiers for Qatar 2022, there will be a new America’s Cup and the Super League Cup will be played with renewed format , which will have at least 11 full dates and a final among the best in each zone. We will see if this time, the desire of the leaders is fulfilled, and if the changes of the clubs are weighed more again. Ahh, that’s if… the headquarters and stadiums are not yet known and it will be to be seen whether the chosen one will be enabled for those dates.

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