translated from Spanish: Cornejo opened a factory in Las Heras and visited a company in San Martín

Governor Alfredo Cornejo participated in Las Heras of the inauguration of ArgPex, the province’s first Pexgol pipeline and fluid conduction system. In addition, he visited an electromechanical company in San Martín. Crosslinked polyethylene (PE-X) pipes are known as «high-tech» pipes. Its excellent properties have revolutionized the infrastructure, industry, mining, oil and gas markets. ArgPex is an extension of Argenteo Mining, in partnership with Golan Plastic Products Ltd. of Israel. The company is responsible for the manufacture, marketing and installation of advanced Pexgol piping systems, with complete product packages for the mining, oil and gas industries. During the opening ceremony, Alfredo Cornejo commented: «We remain committed to all the production sectors of Mendoza. We have not abandoned the oil energy matrix, we are reviviping it with adequate regulations to exploit unconventional oil and we are starting the Iron Indian mining project in which we have taken all the environmental requirements, shortly this will enter the legislature.» We want to generate the conditions to develop all our economic sectors and it is that strategic and long-term look that encourages us to continue working even with the difficulties present. We also have a huge complementarity with this company, there is a natural need to optimize the water, we have been doing an efficiency job but we know that it is missing,» the representative added. In San Martín, the representative visited with the mayor of Junín, Mario Abed, and the elected mayor of San Martín, Raúl Rufeil, the company Electromecánica Bottino Hermanos SA. The event was en route national 7, km 1001.5 lateral Sur, San Martín, and were present the founding partners of the Bottino family and provincial legislators. Electromechanics Bottino Hnos. SA, EBHSA, is an Argentine company pioneer in the field of electromechanics, positioned today as one of the best in the country. «This family project has values that make business quality, adheres to a work philosophy characterized by the spirit of leadership and reinvests some of its gains in infrastructure, technology and training of its staff,» Bottino explained, owner of the company. He added: «Our sales are good and we don’t have employees selling our products on the street. Our team is very committed to the work and we have not had a single strike in all these years, we are now working double shifts,» explained Bottino, owner of the company.» Electromechanics Bottino is among the first in Argentina in this area, we make electromechanical assemblies, we are entering into the manufacture of wind generators. We explain to the Governor what we do at the company nationwide, in Chile and Ecuador. Also in Armenia. Here 200 people work on a permanent floor and 100 who hire theself.» In this note:
the heras
san martin

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