translated from Spanish: Presents José Antonio Salas Valencia presents report of activities as president of the Board of Directors of the State Congress

Michoacán.- Through a statement it is reported that the President of the State Congress officially closed the first year of legislative activities in the Congress of the State of Michoacán de Ocampo.
The President of the Board of Directors of the State Congress, Deputy José Antonio Salas Valencia, gave his report of activities while at the head of the Legislative Power during the first year of activities.
The local legislator noted that during the first year of legislative activities a total of 57 sessions were held, with which he said, the legal minimum established by the legislative power’s regulatory framework was exceeded by 200 per cent.
The President of the State Congress emphasized that during this number of sessions he reported a total of 117 communications, 453 initiatives, 154 proposals of Agreement, 48 positions, 7 complaints of Political Judgment and 361 opinions.
Likewise, Salas Valencia recalled that during the period he was at the head of the State Congress, various awards and decorations were presented to various institutions and personalities who have left a mark in Michoacán.
He also applauded the realization of both the Children’s And Youth Parliaments, which he said, gave clear evidence that this was a legislative power open to citizenship.
In his report, the Presiding Member of the Board of Directors recalled each and every one of the Laws that were passed during this first year of legislative activities, and also gave an account of the work that was done in the various reporting committees, where approved 171 Decrees and 278 Agreements.
José Antonio Salas considered that one of the main achievements that were obtained in this first year of legislative activities was to remove the Organic Law of the Attorney General’s Office, in addition to the appointment of a Attorney General of Michoacán for the next nine years, which he said, represents a part of the history of Michoacán, because for the first time we have a Public Prosecutor’s Office that is not contingent on the holder of the Executive Branch in turn.

“For all this we can say that we have achieved results in harmony by our representatives; not because of our colors or parties, let alone our political leaders. Michoacán occupies 40 strong Members, let us keep going, that every day we do our job we do more to improve the lives of the Michoacans,” he concluded.

As a message of farewell and to give way to the official closure of the first year of activities in this LXXIV legislature, Deputy José Antonio Salas Valencia emphasized that as President of this Legislative Power his objective was always to conduct himself in a way institutional, giving their place and respect to everyone equally.

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