translated from Spanish: Colon defeated San Lorenzo and put in check the tip of the Superleague

San Lorenzo traveled to Santa Fe with his people and the illusion of continuing at the top of the tournament and with the undefeated five matches he led to date, however, opposite appeared a Colon needed, which was only better in the definition within the areas , and it was enough for him to achieve his second home win. The person in charge of opening the account was the historic Luis Miguel Rodríguez from the 12 steps. In a liveliness move, Poblete reached out and Echenique did not hesitate to charge a penalty for the locals, who thanks to the patience and quality of the «Pulga», took advantage.
We had to wait until the second half to see the other emotion that had as the protagonist Angel Romero. The twin had entered the course halfway and in just four minutes he overcame the loose resistance of Burian and stamped the 1 to 1 and the illusion of being able to turn the scoreboard.
Lacking glitter and heavily contested in the middle of the court, the match leaned towards the protests, simulations and crosses that led to the expulsion of Pablo Lavallén and an unusual free throw in favor of the Sabalero in 3/4 court for a childish foul by Cerutti. After that foul, Rodriguez left Wilson Morelo hand in hand, who did not fail against Navarro with 10 minutes to go.
With no time for more, San Lorenzo lost his undefeated and put the top of the tournament at risk. If Boca won his match, he will be a leader in solitude, but Boedo’s team can also be reached by Lanús, Talleres and Patronato de Paraná, in addition to three. 

Original source in Spanish

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