translated from Spanish: The day Deputy Jorge Alessandri put his hands on the fire for the carabinero sentenced to eight years for torture

After news that Francisco Arzola, aka the «Paco Nazi», was sentenced to 22 years in prison for torture and forgery of public instruments, a second name came afloat amid the controversy, a se such as carabinero, who had starred in a viral that was even applauded by social media.
We are talking about Rodrigo Muñoz Cid, sentenced to eight years behind bars for the crime of torture, who last August starred in a video – which also passed him the account inside the institution – where he asked his partner to marry his partner in a bus terminal. The case is serious. Cid is involved in stopping street traders and then locking them in the institutional bus and throwing fist bumps and kicks, among other illegitimate constraints, along with the well-known «Paco Nazi».
However now, another video came back from the past, but to weigh just on the shoulders of UDI deputy Jorge Alessandri, he defended the corporal first after the marriage proposal was questioned at the institution. The parliamentarian, at that time, highlighted his «unimpeachable conduct», which contradicts the complaint put against the carabinero and subsequently his formalization and conviction.
«I’ve learned that he’s a big carabiner, who has an impeccable resume,» Alessandri said in the same record where he asks the ceo general of Carabineros «to have humanity when analyzing this fact (…) Carabinieri also have hearts.»
Check out the video below:

Video: @jalessandri

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