translated from Spanish: City Council reports on the preparation of the earthquake drill at the Municipal Palace

Morelia, Michoacán.- Through a statement it was reported that as part of the activities agreed to commemorate the XXXIV anniversary of the National Day of Civil Protection, the Morelia City Council, through its Municipal Coordination, will conduct a mock tomorrow, at 10:00 a.m., in the facilities of Palacio Municipal, so it asks for the cooperation and calm of the citizens, for the correct execution of security protocols.
The event is also held as the XXXIV and II anniversary, respectively, of the tremors of September 19, 1985 and 2017, which affected the central area of the country and represent two clear examples of the union and solidarity of the Mexican people.
The Municipal Coordination of Civil Protection, will start the activities with a flag hoist in the Plaza Melchor Ocampo and then apply the drill in Municipal Palace, so, asked for the cooperation of the public to carry it out in good way once alarms to be applied.
The owner of this coordination, Rogelio Rangel Reguera, emphasized that in this administration, through courses, talks and exercises, about 80 percent of municipal employees have been trained, in the face of emergencies such as sisms or fires.

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