translated from Spanish: Yolanda Andrade talks about offers to sell wedding photos

Veronica Castro and Yolanda Andrade are still in the big controversy of their supposed wedding. Once again, Andrade spoke for the cameras of the relationship he had years ago and revealed whether he would sell the photographs of his union with Castro.La Montse&Joe driver lamented that Mexico’s most famous driver denied the affair they had before the media and the general public. He said they’re already «big» to keep up with those games and hide the truth.

What was once beautiful became something perhaps embarrassing to the other side, but for me it was important, for me it was relevant, for me at the time I was in love,» she replied emotionally.

The driver added that she did not know if Cristian Castro was upset by the relationship she had with her mother and when questioned if she was willing to offer Veronica an apology, Yolanda said: «In case I offended someone for telling the truth, I apologize , in case anyone was offended, but I never told any lies.» Yolanda concluded by explaining that although he has rained juicy offers to sell the scandalous photographs of the wedding with Veronica, he would not, as he regards it as «ordinary». The great scandal that has sparked Yolanda Andrade’s interview with Javier Poza where he states that the woman he married in Amsterdam is Veronica Castro has caused serious problems for the actresses, having even received death threats for talking about . Veronica, even announced her retirement after offering various media interviews on the subject she is fed up with, the Mexican driver also revealed in an interview that she would change her cell phone number for threats and assaults on the part of the Internet users.

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