translated from Spanish: China Suarez on gender-based violence: «If you mistreat yourself is not love»

China Suarez starred in a moving scene in «Argentina: Land of Love and Revenge,» Pol-ka’s daily strip that airs weekly during the screen of El Thirteen in prime time. As Rachel, the actress held a shocking scene of gender-based violence with her castmate, Luciano Cáceres, who plays the immigrant’s husband, the curator Salaberry.Su husband ties her with one hand, while with the other she is whipped up blows that leave his face bleeding. It forbids you to scream, to issue any alert in request for help and the threat of death.

While it is a fictionalized scene, it is a good reflection of the reality that thousands of women suffer daily. Many of these situations – which begins with jealousy and all kinds of micromachisms – can lead to death.

Recently, four femicides occurred in 48 hours, which shortened the statistical range in Argentina at that weekend. Every 10 hours a woman is killed in the hands of a male, usually the victim’s partner, in this country. 

Type of link by gender-based violence Photo: Instagram @filonewsok

In this sense, and thanks to the actions of feminist collectives that strive to eradicate gender-based violence, novels and fictionalities are adopting the gender perspective to make visibility and awareness. An example of this was the biopic «Monzón», which focused the plot on the femicide of Alicia Muñiz (last couple and mother of the boxer’s youngest son). It should be remembered that this is not a «madman» but that violent men are «healthy children» of a patriarchal system that educated them in a culture in which women are the object of their desires and subject to their will. China Suarez’s reflection
As an actress, putting the body in scenes of that caliber allows us to delve into the problems and those aspects. In this sense, the young woman who gives life to Rachel used her social network to put the spotlight on the problem.» Rachel inadvertently teaches me. I love and admire your struggle. Atav has me happy. Because he’s got a divine team. The best companions in each area,» he said of the soap opera.
«Friend, notice. If he mistreats you, it’s NOT love. I ran from there and don’t look back,» she said to avoid further justifications and call these situations by name: gender-based violence. If you suffer from gender-based violence or meet someone who is going through it, contact the toll-free line 144 that provides 24-hour counseling and containment across the country, or look for a nearby care center.

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