translated from Spanish: Lanús beat Columbus with an goal show and the presence of “John Lennon”

Those who decided not to go out and enjoy Sunday outdoors and stayed on tv, were able to enjoy the entertaining match that lanús and Colón cheered for the seventh date of the Superliga. In La Fortaleza, the Garnet prevailed 3-2 against the Sabalero and climbed to the third step of the leaderboard with 14 points, three below the leader Boca.The home took just 20 minutes of play to take the lead by 3-0 , with goals from Carlos Auzqui, Lautaro Valenti and José “Pepe” Sand, from penalty. However, the Santafesino team did not give up and as soon as the second half began, he discounted through Nicolás Leguizamón with one shot from the twelve steps. With ten minutes to go, Matias Fritzler put things 3 to 2, but time did not reach the visit to – at least – match the story.

John Lennon? From Lanús
In the lead-up to the match, a curious character stole all eyes: the Argentine John Lennon, or the John Lennon of Lanús, greeted the fans on the field and received a club jersey as a gift in recognition. This is Javier Parisi, who was born in the southern city of Buenos Aires province. From an early young man he was a fan of The Beatles, to the point that he came to form a tribute band. Months ago his life changed, when he was cast as Lennon in a musical to be released in Liverpool.In this note:

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