translated from Spanish: «As Government We’re Going to Wait»: The Currency’s Response Following the Complaint about Undersecretary Salaberry’s Day of Rage

The Undersecretary for Regional Development, Felipe Salaberry (UDI), remains in office and «continues to work». This is how the government spokeswoman Cecilia Pérez responded this morning, once known the report of Radio Bío Bío, about the «day of rage» of the official of La Moneda.
The minister came out to give a voice in Palacio, to establish the position of the Government after the journalistic complaint about what happened last 25 August, when Salaberry was transiting through Exequiel Fernández, in the commune of Auñoa. Arriving at Duble Almeyda he crossed the intersection without respecting the red light at reckless speed and with the possibility of causing a serious accident. For the worse, in the corner was a municipal prosecutor of Citizen Security, who, when he saw the infringement, followed him down the same street at the height of José Domingo Cañas, with the aim of scoring the infringing patent, not knowing that the car was Salaberry. At that intersection, he went through the red light again, the complaint signals.
Seeing that he was repeating the violation, the municipal official arrested him, to do educational work to the driver. There Salaberry lowered his glass not to apologize, but to answer aggressively and overbearingly: «What did I want to smell?» (sic).
The controlper responded, but Salaberry said, shouting, «Fuck you, what did I think paco c…!» He went on: «Go to the conchetumadre! You didn’t know who you’re messing with! I’m going to fuck you up! You are poor bones, you have no authority,» adds the information in the middle.
Subsequently, he climbed his glass to, again, pass a corner with red light, corner that had cameras, so his car and patent plate were photographed.
All this is contained in a report prepared by Marco Yáñez Hormazábal, who works in the Directorate of Community Public Security.
Salaberry, seeing that he was climbing the part, asked his sister to avoid the violation, which, as they popularly say, «take the part out». Iris Salaberry, an official at the communal headquarters, contacted the communications centre at 5 p.m. on the same day.
On the occasion, he requested mobile information «69» to know the identity of the controlper, but the number does not exist within the citizen security mobile registry. Iris Salaberry returned to the charge minutes later with the correct information expressly asking for the identity of the driver. The version he delivered on the occasion was that the municipal guard Vicente Rojas chased his brother for several blocks «and would have tried to crash him», the document notes.
Despite this, Part 8306 reached that court, dated 28 August. Radio Bío Bío tried to know the version of Salaberry itself and the municipal prosecutor through the Law of Transparency, but did not get a response.
The Palace version
The figure of the Under-Secretary for Regional Development has always been regarded as controversial within the Government. A few months ago, in the midst of the debate by regional governors, he was even described as the undersecretary of discord on the right. Since then, he had kept a low profile, until now when his name came to the fore with this allegation.
Salaberry issued a statement, but during the morning she told the spokeswoman that it all corresponds to false facts.
This was stated by Minister Cecilia Pérez, in raising that a complaint has now been known «of serious facts against the undersecretary, but at the same time he categorically argues that all the facts reported there lack truthfulness, therefore they would be false facts».
Because of this, the Government asked him «to make himself immediately available to justice, in this case the Local Police Court, and as a Government we will wait for what ultimately determines the investigation and the search for the truth by this court , to finally make a decision.»
«We believe that there are two versions, both categorical, but absolutely dissenting, and therefore we believe that justice, which is what is right, is pronounced,» he added.
The Undersecretary’s version
Subsequently, the same undersecretary, Felipe Salaberry, issued a public statement confirming what the spokesperson said in the morning: that it is all about false facts.
«It is completely false, of absolute falsehood, that he has committed a traffic offence, let alone that he has insulted a municipal official,» he said in the statement.
He then explained, according to his vision, what happened on August 25: «I was driving with my 82-year-old mother and my youngest daughter, so the accusation that i would have had a red light far the hell is even more far the age of me. In fact, the published photograph itself reveals that I am detained at a traffic light in Irarrázaval with José Pedro Alessandri, which denies all the rest of the published information».
And, in addition to confirming that all the questions asked by the journalist of Radio Bío Bío were answered, he clarified that, in the judicial sphere, «I have not received any subpoena on these facts. However, I make myself immediately available and will, like every citizen, submit my version to the respective local police court of the reported facts.»

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