translated from Spanish: Dollar Price Today: Exchange Rate Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Mexico.- The price of the US dollar began on the morning of Today, October 1, 2019 against the Mexican peso at $19.7825 pesos. There is a hike in the Mexican Peso against the Dollar and Euro this morning, so the price of the US dollar began on Wednesday with 7 cents less than yesterday.
Dollar Price In Sale: Buying and Selling Dollar in Banks
However, in a broader comparison of several banking and official institutions, the average price for sale or dollar price in the window on Tuesday, October 1, is $19.8695.The price of the US dollar in the purchase, is averaged at the window $19.2052.

On Wednesday morning at banking institutions the US dollar in the window starts like this: $19.99 in Banorte
$20.09 at BBVA
$19.98 at Scotiabank
$19.69 pesos in Banco Azteca closed the sale of the dollar
In government institutions such as SAT is valued at $19.6808, for bond payments at official institutions it is valued at $19,6363 Mexican pesos.

US Dollar Price, Buy and Sell Dollar In Window. Exchange rate recorded on the morning of October 1, 2019

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