translated from Spanish: Father stabs and burns his six children in CDMX

Mexico City.- What appeared to be a fire, ended up being a heartbreaking surprise for the fire departments, as when they arrived at the home they found six children burned. The tragic event occurred in the Colony Ampliación Asturias, in Mexico City.The minors were hospitalized as an emergency for the severe burns they had, which were caused by their own father. In addition to the burnburns in the fire, they had gunshot wounds.

This was confirmed by a cousin of the alleged attacker, who set fire to his house with his children inside and wounded them with a white gun, locked them in a room and set them on fire, while the attacker threw himself through a window of his house. Neighbors in the area said they had heard a roar, followed by screams from the children, who were rushed to Tacubaya Pediatric Hospital Hospital. They were identified as 12-year-old Alexis; Emiliano of 7, Jorge de 10, Fernanda of 7, Fatima of 12 and another minor of which no data were given of him. It is known that Fátima lost his life in the hospital during this morning, according to information from Noticieros Televisa.

A horror story was written this morning in Colonia Ampliación Asturias, Mayor Cuahutémoc, CDMX. A man stabbed his six children (7-12 years), then locked them in a room he set on fire. — Alekx Rodriguez (@alekx_04)
October 2, 2019

Following the emergency call by local residents, authorities found the assailant above the roof. The children were quickly transferred by ambulance to the hospital, while their father was arrested. So far they are unaware of the causes that brought the man to the point in attempting to murder his children.

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