translated from Spanish: Essbio’s problems in the Sixth Region reach radio advertising

The fight between the essbio health company and the community that opposes the expansion of the wastewater treatment plant in the Santa Amalia de Chancón sector, where the facilities where Rancagua water will be treated are located, follow the redfight of the , Machalí and Barns.
Two weeks ago, the neighbors of the commune Carlos Valdés, farmer and one of the main opponents of the project, together with Isabel Gutiérrez, former president of the junta de neighbors of the area, participated in a paid space in Radio Rancagua, which is heard in 99.5 of the FM dial. In the program, both referred in harsh terms to the company’s methods, detailed in part by a note published in September by El Mostrador. Especially there were references to the agreement Essbio got with some families who received just over $3 million and another amount in giftcards in exchange for not filing actions against the company for possible damages within 12 years.
The tone and expressions poured by the program participants annoyed the company that usually invests advertising in Radio Rancagua. But after listening to the show, he decided to take it out. The radio, after what happened, broadcast the following audio, denouncing what happened. What for the company is inaccurate.
In a statement, Essbio clarified that we regret the reaction this medium has had in response to a legitimate attribution by our company to withdraw advertising when we deem it appropriate. This decision was formally communicated to the radio, stating that the pattern would later be revived with another campaign, considering the inconsistency for both parties to have the publicity of a project on the air, which was being unfoundedly questioned through a space, leased to the radio, by independent communicators,” they concluded

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