translated from Spanish: House Speaker called on the government to send projects to Congress with «sense of urgency»

«It seems that the sense of urgency is not handled, and I must say that, at this moment with this lack of leadership with a sense of urgency, we in the Chamber of Deputies are self-managing,» said the Speaker of the House, MPs Iván Flores (DC), to the crisis in the country and the call that made the Government to send projects with «sense of urgency». In this regard, the parliamentarian retorted, as emol pointed out, that today it was put on a discount table for the working day, leaving out pension reform. «Pensions has a problem and is that it’s going to be right to crash if we don’t solve a series of points that are still in a discussion.» I have that secret hope, that the government is indeed picking out that we all have to loosen up, we all have to put on our side so that ultimately people feel that we are doing something that makes sense to them, that there is a little bit more balance and fairness,» he added. «We can move the district week and stay in Congress as we have been and the other week we can perfectly suspend the district week. The question is for what? because if we’re going to be on projects that are already in Congress that aren’t aligned with the sense of urgency, the question is for what?» he retorted.

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