translated from Spanish: Pampita by situation in Chile: «If the people are reacting like this, it is because there is very great pain»

The Argentine model, Carolina Ardohain, better known as Pampita, referred to the current situation in our country and clarified that it hurts because its children, what it had with the national actor, Benjamín Vicuña, are Chilean.
«They are people who came out to show their violence, a violence that has to do with feeling that they are not recognized or valued, that we get what they earn (….) They feel a great social difference, something that is very defined in Chile,» he said in his program Pampita Online.
The driver recounted that it was all unleashed by the hike in the Metro passage, which ended in «widespread protest of a rage and helplessness that came many years ago, and today we see it demonstrated in violence.»
Ardohain also lamented the death toll and property damage, but delved deep on the basis of the problems: «What needs to be understood is that if the people are reacting like this, it is because there is very great pain inside (…) It seems to me that this is opening the eyes of many who were unaware of this reality, or they didn’t want to see it,» she said.
Finally, he sent a message of peace. «Of course it marks me. I’m watching every day (the news) because I have so many dear people on the other side and because my children are Chilean, it’s their land. I hope you can demonstrate in peace, I hope you do not choose violence …,» he concluded.

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