translated from Spanish: Sebastián Piñera after cabinet change: «We know that these measures do not solve all problems»

President Sebastián Piñera accepted the resignation of eight ministers and made a profound cabinet change where he stated that «we have lived between pain and hope, we have known the worst and also the best of our human nature», then d and the demonstrations that took place at the national level. «The most painful thing has been the loss of human life. I express my total condolences and solidarity with the relatives of those who lost their lives», added Piñera.On the other hand, he referred to the institution of Carabineros and PDI and assured that «we know that we need to modernize our institutions and modernize our intelligence system. I want to recognize the work (…) Carabineros of Chile and the Investigation Police, and also our Armed Forces.» On allegations of dD violations. HH., during the constitutional states of emergency that were lived in the country last week, the Mandatario assured that if human rights violations were committed «these are being investigated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office and must be resolved by the Justice». At this mass line, the President stated that «there is nothing to hide», so a team from UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, was requested. «These legitimate demands expressed by Chileans open great paths of future and hope for what all Chileans want: A better life,» he added, regarding the demonstrations. Referring to the measures announced a couple of days ago to address the crisis, Piñera stated that «we know that these measures do not solve all problems, but they are an important first step that will mean significant relief.» To get the best out of Chileans we need unity and greatness» he finished.

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