translated from Spanish: UC to file a medical student’s claim who reported torture and abuse

The Legal Clinic of the Catholic University announced that it will complain and represent the student Josué Maureira (21), who reported torture and sexual abuse by carabineros of the 51st police station of Pedro Aguir Cerda, where he was detained in the early hours of Monday, October 21.
The rector of the Catholic University, Ignacio Sánchez, commented that the house of studies wants to provide all the help possible, so he gave his support to the student. «I would like to express my absolute rejection of what we have known as human rights violations in recent days and, in our case, Josué Maureira, a fourth-year medical student at our university who has been arrested and denounced facts that are unacceptable: physical violence and abuse by Carabineros,» he said.
The case of Maureira, a 4th-year medical student, is being investigated by the Southern Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office and already has a complaint for «crime of torture with aggravated sexual abuse», which was presented by the National Institute of Human Rights (INDH).
In the file, to which La Tercera agreed, he says the student received «multiple blows from the cane, fists and kicks.»
«They kept him in handcuffs and so he was beaten without provocation and insulted for being gay, a matter that his victims deduced because he was walking with his fingernails painted red. Then they ‘completely undressed’ him and also sexually abused the victim within the context of torture he was suffering at the time, with the introduction of the luma or service cane through the anal cavity,» the INDH said.
Sources of the prosecutor’s office indicated to the aforementioned medium that several errands have already been decreed with the Legal Medical Service (SML), in addition to expert opinions with witnesses and on Friday the case was referred to the Victims and Witnesses Unit.
Knowledgeable of the case contend that the finding of injury was consistent with the narrative, and that the expertise revealed «consistent tears». Maureira is expected to testify as a victim at the local prosecutor’s office in San Miguel on Monday.

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