translated from Spanish: Warn in TAM not to accept food or drink from strangers

Celic Mendoza
During the Tourist Welcome Operation, users were advised not to accept food or drinks from strangers.
According to the Quality Manager of the Morelia Bus Terminal, Salvador Machuca Mena, last year there were two cases of poisoning of people from receiving drinks from strangers, this year there is no case and waiting so be.

Referring to the fact that there is a growth above 60 percent of users, they make recommendations to arrive in advance of their departure, always keep their luggage close, as well as the little ones and not consume food or drinks offered by strangers, thereby strengthen a safe journey.
Meanwhile, municipal tourism secretary Roberto Monroy García during the Night of the Dead festivities is expected to have an economic spill of 80 to 85 million pesos.

He stated that between 85 thousand and 90 thousand people were expected to arrive in Morelia, so at Morelia International Airport (AIM), the Morelia Bus Terminal (TAM) and the exit to Salamanca, 20 thousand sugar skulls and 20 thousand brochures will be distributed.

The municipal official was surprised by the number of foreign visitors, «there are an impressive number of walkers in the streets and public spaces, not only Moralians, but domestic and foreign tourists».
He also assured that the hotel occupancy is 100 percent.

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