translated from Spanish: Does AMLO attack the press? Just give your opinion: CNDH holder

Rosario Piedra Ibarra, new holder of the National Commission on Human Rights (CNDH) ruled out that there be attacks by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador against the press, as he said that he only «gives his opinion». 
«I see that every morning he receives all the journalists and gives them information… he issues his opinion, but if any particular complaint that will send me,» replied the new commissioner to journalist Carlos Loret de Mola in the program Así las Cosas, of W Radio. 
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After taking a protest on Tuesday, November 12, Rosario Piedra was approached by reporters, who questioned her about the situation of violence against journalists, to which she answered with the question: «Have journalists murdered?» 
In this regard, Piedra explained that he had not heard the question well and that his words were decontextualized. 
«I didn’t hear the reporter’s question right. I didn’t understand him, but I answered. I’m going to have to issue an official statement because everything I say is decontextualized because if anything I’ve said for all these 40 years, it’s about the serious violation that’s committed against journalists,» he said.

For this response, the non-governmental organization Displaced Journalists of Mexico filed a complaint with the CNDH against its own owner, Rosario Piedra Ibarra.
Questioning her for a post on her Twitter account, where she calls the press «CHAYOTEROS MEANS,» the ombudsperson said it was hacked and had barely noticed when the tweet came out on October 31, 2018.
«Someone hacked my account and that’s what I’m checking, notice that I hadn’t noticed until I was let know and that’s very delicate. I have never expressed myself like this to journalists even though I feel contrary to it. I don’t use that term in my ordinary vocabulary,» he argued. 
Although organizations of families of missing persons asked him not to protest in office, until the vote was clarified, which was questioned by opposition senators, Piedra protested, amid shouting, shouting and accusations of opposition fraud.
He ruled out an opaque or murky process and said that the questioning can only be resolved by senators.
«There had never been such a debate so substantiated to defend an election, and I would ask you to also seek that objectivity and not to rely on a single information.  objective means of information is also needed,» he said. 
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