translated from Spanish: RN rushes the government and bridges the opposition: it proposes entry-and-exit plebiscites, constituent convention and deep social reforms

The Extraordinary Political Commission for National Renewal took a concrete step in finding agreements to get out of the political and social crisis and put on the table a formula to move towards the New Constitution q that goes beyond what the Government has offered so far. At the same time, he urged the Executive to open the wallet for “deep social reforms” and thus respond to the demands of the public.
“An early agreement is required, four weeks have been lost,” this party commission – which does not include store mPs in any case – expresses through a five-point public statement. In the text, the Extraordinary Political Commission is not only clearly in favour of a new Constitution, but also proposes as a “way of settlement” the formula of a Constitutional Convention, with entry and exit plebiscites.
“As it has characterized us, we are available to try and study the mechanisms that exist for your generation,” notes the statement that ultimately runs the fence for the government’s proposal that to date has only been played by the idea of a Congress Constituent, in the present Parliament is the design of a new Magna Carta.
THE commitment of RN – which represents a mixed formula between the Congress and representatives of civil society and which has already been outlined in previous days by Senator Manuel José Ossandón – allows for a greater rapprochement with the opposition, which has been played in a unitary manner by the Thesis of the Constituent Assembly.
Alongside the constitutional issue, the other priority issue in the RN declaration is the need to “accelerate and strengthen the Social Agenda”, noting that what was offered by the Government is clearly insufficient.
“The government must spend what is necessary to make deep social reforms, because of today’s savings it will make spending more expensive in the future. In that
we are calling for – at least – strong changes in pensions, health, medicines, minimum wage and CAE. We need to move towards a more supportive society, the dogmatics of the free market cannot continue to impede a fairer society, and economic growth and employment generation must be achieved by the hand of social policies,” the statement states.
They also raise the need for an anti-abuse policy, another of the demands most required by the street, noting that “people do not want a statist society, they seek to participate in the fruits of a free society and, above all, to end the abuses, condemning with jail men who commit crimes in the neck and tie.”
In what may be understood as a direct appeal to both the opposition and its UDI partners, the Extraordinary Political Commission of RN urges “a true national agreement”, and we call on the extreme political forces to abandon their trenches and dogmas.”
Finally, the entity notes that it agreed to “carry out intensive work of citizen participation with our militancy, so that in each commune communal lobbying takes place, in accordance with what is instructed from the general secretariat of the party” and gives all its support for the leadership of Mario Desbordes “who has acted with the prudence, tolerance and flexibility that the situation deserves, with the republican intention to generate the consensuses and agreements that Chile needs”.

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